Terms of Service

Uber Sports Terms Of Service


The terms of service given below govern the relationship between the client and the company (Uber Sports Pte Ltd) in regards to the usage of the facilities at all Uber Sports Pte Ltd outlets.  Usage of the facility by the client constitutes an unconditional acceptance of these terms:


  1. The client understands that the usage of the facilities is at their own risk and will indemnify the company and its employees from all claims and damages arising from its use.
  1. The client is responsible for keeping the premises in good condition and is responsible for any damages done to the Futsal pitches and properties that belong to Uber Sports.
  1. The client understands that all reservations made at the company’s outlets constitute a commitment by the client to reserve, utilize and pay for the reservations. The client further understands that in the case of a no-show or last minute cancellation, he/she is liable for the full charges for the cancellation.
  1. All cancellations or amendments to reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance in writing to enquiries@ubersports.com.sg,  otherwise, the client will be liable for the full charges.

(For events, birthday party, corporate/companies or commercial bookings, a 1-month in advance notification in writing is required for any cancellation or changes.)


  1. The client agrees to provide the full details of his/her personal particulars, contact number and email address when making a reservation with the company. The company reserves the right to turn away clients who fail to provide the necessary information.
  1. Uber Sports reserves the right to postpone or cancel the client’s booking to accommodate in-house events or maintenance works. In such instance(s), a 2-week in advance notification will be provided to the affected client(s).
  1. Uber Sports’ Standard Rates & Promotional Rates are for Casual Futsal purposes only. They are not valid for events, corporate, commercial or other activities. Enquire with our staff on our corporate booking and event rates.
  1. Usage of the company’s facilities for commercial, corporate or event activities must be disclosed and accepted by the company in advance of the reservation and are not to be used in conjunction with promotional prices.
  1. The client is encouraged to engage our in-house suppliers and vendors for event and incidental services. All external incidentals brought into the facility will incur a 20% levy on the total reservation price, or a minimum of $100 fee, whichever is higher.
  1. Cleaning and Maintenance fee at $50 per pitch is applicable for bookings totaling up to more than 4 hours in a single day.
  1. The client is to provide his/her IC at the counter before utilizing the pitch. The IC will be returned after their reservation.
  1.  Reservation of slots for more than 1 month in advance is entitled to block or bulk booking customers only.
  1. Reservation of pitch is on an hourly basis. Any extension of play after the stipulated booking time will be charged accordingly.  Strictly no free play is allowed.
  1. The client will be liable for the charges for the loss of Uber Sports’ futsal balls, at $35 per ball.
  1. No outside food and drinks are allowed in the premises. Contact us for F&B services.
  1. No external logistics is allowed in the premises.
  1. Smoking is only allowed at designated smoking area. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the pitches and sheltered areas.
  1. Food, drinks and chewing gum are not allowed in the pitches.
  1. Sales of goods are not permitted. Sales/consumption of alcohol are not permitted without prior consent of Uber Sports.
  1. Allocation of pitches is strictly up to the management’s discretion. Uber Sports reserves the right to change the Pitch Number allocated on the actual play-date without prior notice.
  1. The clients allow Uber Sports to take photographs or videos of their events or casual Futsal activities and post them on Uber Sports Website, Facebook and Instagram Account.
  1. The company will commit to the highest level of service and respect for our clients. At the same time, our employees are important to us and we ask that you extend the same courtesy that is accorded to you. We will not tolerate any form of abusive behaviour towards our staff.
  1. The Terms Of Service are subject to change without prior notice.

By proceeding with the booking(s), the client hereby agrees to the Terms Of Service as stated above.


* For any feedback or enquires, please email to enquiries@ubersports.com.sg